Level 1 Introduction to Sensory Loss

In this unit learners will gain an understanding of what is meant by Sensory Loss. They will explore the causes of sensory loss and outline how to utilise a person-centred approach in communicating with individuals with sensory loss.

The unit will utilise a range a terminology including the following Service user, this can relate to a patient, resident, client or pupil Service provider, anyone offering a health and/or care service where they are required to communicate as part of their role with service users. This can include and is not limited to administrators, porters, clinicians, allied care professionals, teachers, and receptionists.

This course is delivered in 1 unit which includes 3 learning outcomes. There will be a series of online lessons for each learning outcome and a final assessment to complete and submit. The learning outcomes covered are below:

Unit 1 – Introduction to Sensory Loss

1. Know the main causes of sensory loss.

2. Know the importance of person-centred approach when working with individuals with sensory loss.

3. Understand the importance of effective communication for individuals with sensory loss.

To find out more information or to enrol onto the NCFE CACHE  Level 1 Introduction to Sensory Loss course please email enquiries@southdevon.ac.uk or phone 08000 380123.